A1 Books Balanced

A Summary of our Duties and Responsibilities

Excluding the following, we can also help in a variety of other ways such as:-

Copy Typing, including Resumes, Company Literature, Report Writing and Proposals, as well as Manuals, such as Procedural, Health and Safety, Staff Inductions

Accounts Payable and
Accounts Receivable 
Accounts Payable
  • Entering all Supplier Invoices 
  • Entering all Receipts/Expenses, and other outgoings including Direct Debits
  • Ensuring GST and Account Allocation is Correct for all outgoings
  • Contacting Suppliers to obtain copies of missing Invoices
  • Review Aging Payables 
  • Electronic Payment of Supplier Invoices
  • Electronic Payment of IAS/BAS, Payroll Tax, and other Liabilities

Accounts Receivable
  • Generating Orders, Quotes and/or Invoices as required
  • Customer Statements
  • Credit Control, ensuring that Debtors are kept to a minimum
Account Maintenance and
Report Requirements
  • Reconciliation of all Bank Accounts, including Loans, Savings, Credit Cards
  • Maintenance of Petty Cash Account
  • Maintenance of Stocktake/Inventory
  • Job/Project Tracking 
  • Financial Reporting - There are many reports that can be produced.  We will work out what reports you need, and what frequency you want them

Reporting Requirements
  • Reviewing, Calculating and Lodging IAS/BAS on Monthly or Quarterly Basis
  • Calculating and Lodging Payroll Tax on a Monthly or Quarterly Basis
  • Review and Finalisation of Year End Account
  • Working closely with your Accountant to ensure that the Year End runs smoothly,
  • Liaising closely with ATO, Fair Work and/or any organisation as and when is required
Payroll and
Employee Management
Calculating Payroll on Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Basis, including:-
  • Gross Wages: Ordinary Hours, Overtime, Penalties, Bonuses and Commissions, Allowances etc
  • Entitlements, such as Annual Leave (including Loading), Sick Leave, Long Service leave etc
  • Deductions: Union and Professional Association Fees, Workplace Giving, Child Support etc
  • Superannuation, including Salary Sacrifice arrangements
  • PAYG and other Withholdings 
  • Lodgement of Single Touch Payroll (STP)
  • Reviewing, Calculating and  Reporting Superannuation on a Monthly or Quarterly Basis
  • Electronic Payment of Payroll and Superannuation
  • Reviewing, Calculating and Lodging Income Statements at Year End