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What is the difference between a Bookkeeper and a BAS Agent?

Anyone can call themselves a Bookkeeper, whether they have no experience or several years, whether they are excellent or incompetent.  A Bookkeeper is permitted to compile your books, however, they are not permitted to provide BAS Services.

Whereas a BAS Agent has to be a qualified Bookkeeper and must be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board.  This means that they have to be a competent and experienced Bookkeeper in order to be permitted to provide all aspects of BAS Services.

Running a business is stressful and time consuming enough, without having to worry about the financial obligations as set out by the Australian Taxation Office. 
Having a BAS Agent compile your Books, will not only free up your time and energy to focus on your core Business, but will also give you peace of mind knowing that you accounts are in safe hands.
Why choose
A1 Books Balanced?

I am a Registered BAS Agent, and a Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.  As I believe that continual education is essential, I attend many courses and webinars throughout the year, and subscribe to several Newsletters.  This ensures that I am always up-to-date on any legislative changes. 

​I am also proficient in several Accounting Packages including MYOB, Xero, Halaxy and Free Accounting Software.  

I have been a successful business owner since moving to Perth in 2005.  In 2011 I sold one of my businesses, so that I could focus on what I enjoy doing most – Bookkeeping!  Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed compiling the books for my clients.  I pride myself on not only being there to ensure that their books are accurate and up to date, but also to assist them in any other issue or concern that they may have while running their business.

With A1 Books Balanced compiling your books, you can focus your time and expertise on what you do best – your core business, and leave A1 Books Balanced to ensure that your books are accurate, up-to-date and comply with the ATO regulations.

Why choose a
Registered BAS Agent?

Over the few years, there have been many changes within the Bookkeeping Industry, the biggest, and most fundamental of these being the introduction of the Registered BAS Agent.  Bookkeepers who are not registered BAS Agents are no longer permitted to provide BAS Services. 

This means that only Registered BAS Agents can:-

  • Ascertain the Liabilities, Obligations or Entitlements of an entity that arise or could arise under a BAS Provision
  • Advise an entity about the Liabilities, Obligations or Entitlements of the entity or another entity that arise, or could arise, under a BAS Provision
  • Represent an entity in their dealings with the Commissioner in relation to a BAS Provision
  • Reasonably be expected to rely on the service for the following purposes:-
    • To Satisfy Liabilities or Obligations that arise, or could arise, under a BAS Provision
    • To Claim Entitlements that arise, or could arise, under a BAS Provision

What are the benefits
to YOU?

A Registered BAS Agent provides you with many advantages, but I believe the most important aspect for you is “peace of mind”.  Using a Registered BAS Agent ensures that you have a qualified, competent, experienced, professional and approved Bookkeeper, who can be relied upon to assist with all aspects relating to the Business Activity Statements.

To be approved as a Registered BAS Agent Bookkeepers have to:-

  • Be a Fit and Proper Person
  • Have a minimum Qualification of Certificate IV Bookkeeping
  • Continue to have sufficient, ongoing and continual relevant experience
  • Have appropriate level of Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Undergo continuing professional education and
  • Maintain professionalism in accordance with the Code of Conduct